Kodi buffering getting you down? Don’t be concerned! There is a handful of buffering fixes that, when applied, will assist in resolving the vast majority of crashing issues that are associated with Kodi. If you are searching for “how to fix Kodi buffering issues,” This tutorial will walk you through three straightforward improvements that can be made to your existing Kodi installation.

There is no experience on earth more frustrating than having to wait for your favorite show to buffer. This is particularly true when it occurs on Kodi since you have most likely spent a significant amount of time configuring and optimizing your installation in order to avoid problems of this kind. However, there are a few things that you can do to minimize or completely stop Kodi from buffering, even though those who use streaming add-ons are not exempt from buffering problems.

Reason For Kodi Buffering

Since real-time video streaming is taking place, there are a number of potential causes for video stuttering and buffering. These potential causes may be broken down into two categories: external and internal. It is likely an issue with your internet connection; however, it is also possible that improper settings on your Kodi installation are to blame.

The following are some of the probable causes of video buffering in Kodi:

– A slow or inconsistent internet connection 

– Connection troubles inside your home network 

– A slow or inconsistent internet connection 

– Connection troubles inside your home network 

– Limited bandwidth (by your internet provider) 

– Kodi cache that is not configured or that is set incorrectly 

– Too many people are viewing the same video at the same time

Video streaming speed recommendations

Since you are aware that video streaming occurs in real-time, this indicates that your internet connections need to be as quick and consistent as is humanly possible. Your connection speed has to be much faster if you want to watch high-definition or 4K videos without any buffering or stuttering. The resolution, which can be HD or 4K, is often a good way to tell how good a video is. The majority of the time, folks who have high-speed connections that are wired do not need any Kodi buffering fixes at all.

Your internet connection has to be at least this fast, depending on the quality of the video you’re trying to stream:

In general, the minimum speed for a connection is 1.5 megabits per second.

– A minimum connection speed of 3 Mbit/s is required for SD resolutions (360p to 480p).

– A minimum connection speed of 5 Mbit/s is required for HD quality (720p).

– A connection speed of at least 10 Mbit/s is required to provide a resolution of 1080p.

– A connection speed of at least 25 Mbit/s is required for a resolution of 2160p (4K).

In the event that you are uncertain about the speed of your internet connection, all you have to do is run a speed test on a website such as fast.com (external). Please be aware that, in comparison to a wireless connection, a cable connection is often quicker and has far less latency.

How To Fix Kodi Buffering Issues: 3 Simple Fixes 

Fix 1: VPN fix for Kodi buffering

The vast majority of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) guarantee their customers’ ability to use their services indefinitely and at high speeds. Most Internet service providers (ISPs) promise that their customers can use their services for as long as they want and at high speeds. On the other hand, if you are similar to most internet users, you should have a satisfactory connection speed. However, bandwidth limitations might negatively impact your experience if you are a big streamer.

When you’re viewing live TV with Kodi, you could run into a buffering problem no matter how experienced a user you are. The server overload caused by the live TV add-ons that you utilize is the root cause of the buffering that you experience while watching these add-ons.

Get yourself a reliable virtual private network (VPN), and you can solve both of these problems. By using a VPN, your Internet service provider won’t be able to see the content that you are watching. A virtual private network, or VPN, connects your device directly to the server. This cuts out the ISP in the middle, so you lose less speed and are free to do whatever you want. Using a virtual private network (VPN) may assist you in protecting your online privacy.

You can use the VPN that you already have, but if you don’t have one, it is highly recommended that you use NordVPN.

NordVPN can get around geo-restrictions so you can access any add-ons you want, protect yourself from prying eyes, and encrypt your data to keep your online activities secret. It’s risk-free and simple to put into action!

Installing NordVPN on your smartphone is a good idea. (Right now, you can save 75% on your purchase!)

  • Launch NordVPN and go to the main menu.
  • Establish a connection to a server at the location of your choice.
kodi buffering issues
  • Get a NordVPN promo code before you make your purchase to save money on your subscription.

Fix 2: One nation video cache size adjustment

The problem with Kodi buffering may be fixed in a number of ways; one of them is to increase the size of the video cache. Buffering may be reduced in Kodi by increasing the size of the cache that the program uses. This is because the cache works like a reservoir: the bigger it is, the more information it can hold, and the smoother your watching experience will be.

  • On the main page of Kodi, go to Add-ons and then click on the One Nation Portal.
kodi buffering issues
  • Select the Maintenance tab.
kodi buffering issues
  • Simply choose the System Tweaks/Fixes option.
kodi buffering fix
  • To quickly configure AdvancedSettings.xml, click the Quick Configure button.
kodi buffering fix
  • After adjusting the size of the video cache, click the Write file button.
kodi buffering fix
  • You should restart Kodi and then check to see whether the buffering issue is still there. cleaning

Fix 3: Clear the Kodi cache with One Nation.

In addition to making the cache size bigger, you could also try clearing Kodi’s cache. The cache is like a lake, and the temporary files are like pebbles that you might find in the lake. The stream will flow continuously and smoothly after the reservoir is stocked with the water you need for it to do so. However, if there is a rock within, the stream will become more sluggish, and you will have a problem with Kodi’s buffering. So, clearing out the cache to make more space could fix the problem with Kodi’s buffering.

  • On the main page of Kodi, go to Add-ons and then click on the One Nation Portal.
kodi buffering firestick
  • Select the Maintenance tab.
kodi buffering firestick
  • Select the Cleaning Tools button.
kodi keeps buffering
  • Make sure to select Clear Cache. You could also use Total Cleanup to make it easier to play movies on Kodi.
kodi keeps buffering
  • To finish the procedure, make sure you follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Kodi has to be restarted, and then you can determine whether or not the buffering problem still exists.

How to stop buffering on Kodi fire stick

Amazon Fire Stick Kodi buffering: If you are using Kodi via your Amazon Fire Stick and are wondering how to eliminate buffering on Kodi, we suggest rebooting your Amazon Fire Stick first. If you are using Kodi directly, you may skip this step. Restarting an application or operating system is one of the most basic ways to fix a problem. It can be used to fix a wide range of problems.

Try the following if it doesn’t work and you’re still looking for a solution to stop the buffering on your Kodi FireStick:

  • Kodi skins should be simpler and lower resolution;
  • Stop your ISP from messing with your speed by using a VPN;
  • Protect your traffic from rogue apps by using a VPN.
  • You risk exposing your personal streaming data to your ISP and anyone else connected to your network whenever you stream content online using Kodi or otherwise. This data can be used by your ISP to intentionally throttle your speed and cause buffering.

Malicious Kodi add-ons could also cause malicious software to be installed on your device. This is due to the fact that add-ons for Kodi are developed and kept up to date by independent third-party developers, who are not accountable to either the Kodi XBMC Foundation or Amazon. This means that they have the ability to act maliciously and put malware on add-ons. Streaming sources inside Kodi are also susceptible to modification.

A virtual private network (VPN) can stop your Internet service provider (ISP) from limiting your bandwidth. It can also encrypt your app traffic to hide it from potential data thieves who might be lurking on your local network. So, using Kodi with a virtual private network (VPN) is a great way to reduce buffering in ways you might not have thought of before.

Note: You should never allow anybody else to download Kodi onto your FireStick. Please don’t buy Amazon FireSticks that already have Kodi on them. These devices are often infected with malware and dangerous add-ons that can steal your information, put ads on your device, or use your device as part of a larger criminal operation.

A new device may be necessary if Kodi is lagging.

If running Kodi causes you to have a lot of buffering and slow speeds overall, it’s possible that there’s something wrong with your hardware. If you’re using Kodi on certain devices that also have a build or a lot of add-ons installed, it’s possible that all of these factors are slowing down your experience of using Kodi and potentially causing your Kodi streams to load and play more slowly.

One option is to spend money on new or better hardware that you only use for streaming content through Kodi. In addition, you may want to think about using a branch of Kodi, such as OpenELEC or LibreELEC, as these forks often perform better on certain devices.

For example, many people think that a Raspberry Pi running OSMC gives Kodi the best streaming experience, with fewer problems like lagging and buffering. Some people believe that the Nvidia Shield is the ideal device for streaming Kodi content since it operates dependably on the Android operating system, has an enormous amount of processing power, and was designed to deal with intense online gaming and graphics rendering.

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