If you want to jailbreak your Roku TV, you’ll need to get rid of the restrictions that keep you from making the most changes. Basically, you want to give a Roku user more rights than they had at first. This lets you install any kind of software you want and make other changes to the device.

Before you go any further, you should know that you won’t be able to jailbreak Roku TV the way you’re used to. You won’t do exactly what we said you would. Instead, to jailbreak Roku TV, you just have to break a few rules so you can watch content that isn’t normally available on the device. There is no way to install Kodi through sideloading or any other method, like on a Fire TV or other Android devices.

This is why I like a FireStick better than a Roku device. You can easily jailbreak a FireStick and sideload a lot of free streaming apps.

Ready to jailbreak Roku TV? Here’s how we do things:

  • Use screen mirroring mode.
  • Send what’s on your screen to your Roku.
  • You can play video from a USB device or from your local network.
  • “Play On Roku” is a feature of the Roku Mobile App that you should use.

Let’s look at each of these ways in more detail. I’ll explain how each one works and help you choose the best one for you.

Screen Mirroring Mode

Screen mirroring mode lets you cast an iOS or Android phone to your Roku TV. Even if you don’t jailbreak your Roku, you can use apps on the TV or watch media from your phone on a bigger screen. This, of course, also lets you play games from your phone on your big screen. The extra space on the screen makes a big difference in how you play games.

Even though you can’t use Kodi on Roku, the next best thing is to mirror your screen. With the screen mirroring feature, you can put free movie APKs on your Android device and then stream them on Roku.

Follow these steps to turn on screen mirroring on your Roku TV:

1. From the main menu of your Roku device, go to Settings and then System.

2. Go to the mirror screen


3. Choose Screen Mirroring Mode and make sure the box next to Prompt is checked. If it doesn’t have a checkmark already, click it to turn on screen mirroring.

4. On your mobile device, look for the option to share wirelessly. On a Samsung S21+, for example, you can enable screen mirroring by pulling down the menu and choosing the Smart View option.

5. Choose Roku Streaming Stick+ or whatever device you have from Roku. Your Roku device can now be set up to mirror the screen.

Screen Casting Mode

The Roku works the same way as a smart TV or another device when it comes to screencasting. Your phone or tablet will need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku. Then, open an app that lets you cast, like YouTube. When you play a video, you can choose the Roku from the list of screencasting options.

But keep in mind that the Roku TV must also have the right app on it. So, if you want to screencast Netflix from your phone, Roku must already have Netflix installed. If you don’t do this, the device won’t be able to use this feature. Still, it’s useful because you can get around Kodi’s restrictions on Roku.

To turn on screencasting on your Roku TV, do the following:

1. Make sure the app you want to use to stream is on both your Roku and the device you’ll use to send the stream to. In this case, we’ll use YouTube as an example. Go to the Roku home page and look for the search bar.

2. Search for YouTube.

3. Choose YouTube from the results of your search.

4. Choose “Add Channel.”

5. Put a YouTube video on your phone or tablet.

6. Tap the screen to bring up the video overlay, and then tap the Cast button in the top right corner. On your Roku TV, you don’t have to have YouTube open. You just need to put the YouTube app on your device.

7. Choose your Roku device from the list of casting devices, and the video should start playing on your Roku device.

Please keep in mind that your phone must keep streaming the video. If you do something else on your mobile device, the video will stop sending to your Roku TV, and you’ll have to set up casting again. This doesn’t happen if you’re using screen mirroring software like Kodi, however.

USB or Local Network

The Roku can pull media from a local home network, so you can watch that media on your TV. Plex or Windows Media Player are examples of media networks that work. It’s like installing Kodi on your streaming device or jailbreaking Roku the old-fashioned way. You can’t get Kodi on Roku TV unless you mirror your screen from a device that works with Kodi.

You’ll need to install the Roku Media Player App before you can use these apps on your TV through Roku. Then, make sure you’re connected to the Wi-Fi that holds your media library.

Here’s how to use your Roku TV to access content on your local network:

1. Go to the Roku home page and look for the search bar.

2. Search for “Roku Media Player.”

3. Choose Roku Media Player from the results of your search.

4. Click Add Channel to add the app to your home page.

5. Open the Roku Media Player app from your home page.

6. If your local network lets media through, your Roku streaming device should show the network. Choose what you want to watch and start it on Roku.

If not, a Roku with a USB slot can play media from a USB device with media on it. But only certain Roku devices, such as the Roku TV, have a USB port.

If your TV has a USB port, you can plug in a USB drive or other device and use the Roku Media Player App to play media from the USB.

Keep in mind that the Roku can’t play every type of media file because it can’t be jailbroken. But it does work with a very large number of file types.

Play On Roku Mobile App

Lastly, the Roku comes with an app called “Play On Roku.” With this feature, you can stream photos and videos from your device if you have the Play On Roku mobile app installed. This also lets you avoid the problems that a lot of Roku users have with Kodi, even if you jailbreak your Roku. And there is no need to mirror the screen.

To connect using the Play On Roku feature, do the following:

1. Get the Play On Roku app for your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

2. Use your Roku email address and password to sign in to the app.

3. Make sure the Roku and your device are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, go to the bottom right of the app and click on the Devices tab.

4. This list should include your Roku TV device. Choose it to start controlling your Roku from your streaming device on your phone or tablet.

5. In your mobile app, go to the Media section of the device that is connected.

6. Choose the music, photos, or videos you want to play, and then give the app permission to use them.

7. You can now stream your own media to the Roku.

Can I Install Kodi on Roku?

You’ve probably heard of Kodi. If you haven’t heard of it, Kodi is a popular open-source media player that can convert video to audio and play most types of media. It’s a small piece of software that works with Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, FireStick, and a few other operating systems.

Users like Kodi because it is easy to use and has bright colors. It’s easy to use, even for newbies, and you can watch content on a variety of platforms and through streaming. Some people want to put Kodi on their Roku through their TV. Even if you jailbreak Roku, though, you can’t get Kodi to work on it.

Still, it is possible to use Kodi on Roku. To use Kodi on Roku, you just need to open it on your phone or computer. Next, follow the steps above to mirror the device to your Roku. Then, just use Roku to watch the content from Kodi.

Is it legal to break out of Roku’s jail?

Because the Roku’s operating system is closed, you can’t really jailbreak it. Using any of the above ways is not against the law. In fact, all of these options are supported by the Roku device, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with any of them. After all, you’re not using a trick to get Roku out of jail. There are other ways to get around it, like mirroring your device’s screen to Kodi.

Can I Watch Illegal Content on Roku?

With the above methods, you can use your Roku to watch content from many different places. So, the question of illegal content comes up. Roku and its team do not like it when people use Roku devices to watch content they got illegally. You shouldn’t stream these kinds of things. Even if you jailbreak Roku, no matter how you do it, this is still true.

Again, you don’t need to break Roku out of jail in the usual, illegal way. In this article, we talked about a few legal ways to jailbreak Roku, like using the “Play on Roku” feature of the Roku Mobile App or mirroring Kodi.

Other Roku Hacks

Now that you know how to “jailbreak” your Roku, here are some other tips to help you get more out of it.

Private Channels on Roku

Even though you can’t install Kodi on Roku, you can do something similar with private channels. These are channels that don’t show up in the Roku channel store. They have all kinds of TV shows on them. Here’s how to put them on your Roku or Roku TV’s home screen.

1. Input a developer code via your Roku remote. Here’s what it says: home button three times, Up twice, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

2. You will be taken to the Roku settings for developers. Click Enable Installer and then restart.

3. Write down the password your Roku gives you. Then, go to your settings under “Manage Account.”

4. Find the option to “Add a channel with a code” and click on it. Now you can use codes to start adding private channels.

Here are some private channels that you can add to your Roku. Again, these do not show up in the Roku channel store, even if you jailbreak Roku. If you can’t install Kodi on Roku, I hope this makes up for it.

The Red Bull TV

For sports fans, Red Bull TV is a private channel on your Roku that shows events from around the world. This channel has everything you could want, from extreme sports to motorcycling to racing and more. To add the channel, go to the Add channel with a code menu and type REDBULLTV into the box. Then, choose Yes, and add the channel.

Funny or Die

Funny people may have heard of the YouTube channel Funny or Die. If so, you might want a smart TV channel that is easy to find on your Roku device. There are a lot of TV shows about this, and stars like James Franco and Will Ferrell are in many of them. To add choose “Add channel with a code,” type “IU1VY,” and then choose “Yes, add channel” when asked.

Podcasts on iTunes

Do you listen to podcasts all the time? You might want your smart TV to play podcasts in the background while you do something else. You can add the Apple Podcasts channel to your Roku using the code below. Go to the section of your account settings called “Add channel with a code.” Then, type ITPC and click Yes, add the channel to add it to your Roku.

Roku’s Instant Replay

Even if you don’t jailbreak your Roku, this one trick can still help you get more out of the content you watch. You’ll never miss dialogue again if you go to your caption settings and turn on Instant Replay.

Once it’s on, use the remote to press the Instant Replay button. This will play back the last few seconds of TV, along with the captions for that time. The captions will then stop showing. It’s a handy little feature that should work with any Roku app. Screen mirroring won’t work with this feature, so you won’t be able to use it to view content on Kodi or another app.

Customize Bitrate

When you set your streaming bitrate, you limit the amount of data you use at once. This is great for people who have a lot of people on their home network or want to avoid going over their data limit. Even though this feature is built in, it feels like another way to jailbreak Roku.

To change your bitrate, do these things:

1. Use your Roku remote to enter this code: Home Button x5, Rewind x3, Fast Forward x2

2. Pick a bitrate that works for you and your users.

Double Check Your Connection

You can check the speed of your Roku connection on the Network tab, but there is a way to dig a little deeper into the operating system. This is how:

1. Enter the code below into your remote: Home Button: Up, Down, Up, Down, Up.

2. The menu will show the different strengths of the connection. Use this information to change how your router is set up so that Roku can get the best possible connection. This is a very helpful feature when you want to mirror your screen or use Kodi.

Playing Games on Roku

There are a few mini-games on Roku, but screen mirroring is a much better way to play ROMs and old games.

If you have an emulator with different ROMs installed on your computer, you can mirror the content to your Roku. Then, all you have to do to play games is connect a wireless controller to the machine. This is a great way to pass the time and a good substitute for Kodi.


Now you’re aware of how to jailbreak Roku. Even though this isn’t jailbreaking in the usual sense, these features let you get around the problems with the Roku operating system. You can now watch movies and TV shows on your TV screen from other devices. Since you can use Kodi on these devices, you can watch Kodi on your Roku TV by using screen mirroring.

You don’t need devices that come with Kodi already installed. Just follow the steps in this article to use your Roku streaming stick to watch TV shows or anything else you want. Have fun streaming with your Roku!

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