This guide will show you how to install CyberFlix TV APK on FireStick so you can watch movies and TV shows. These steps will work for the Amazon FireStick Lite, Fire Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

CyberFlix TV is one of the best FireStick apps for watching movies and TV shows on demand. It is an exact copy of Terrarium TV, which is no longer available. Terrarium TV was a very popular app for getting entertainment. CyberFlix has also become very well-known over time.

CyberFlix TV can get streams from dozens of sources and resolvers. It looks and works the same as Terrarium TV. The library of movies and TV shows is huge and has all of your favorites. Even more amazing is that CyberFlix TV can integrate with Real-Debrid. Sign in to your Real-Debrid account in the Settings section of the app, and you’ll get a lot of new high-quality streams.

Notice: Some CyberFlix TV users see “No Data” or a blank screen with nothing on it. There’s a chance that your ISP is keeping you from getting to the app. Using a good VPN like VPN is an easy way to fix it.

How to Install CyberFlix TV on a FireStick

I will show you how to install CyberFlix TV on FireStick in two different ways. You can choose the one that works best for you. Both lead to the same outcome. Here are two ways to do it:

Governments and ISPs are always watching what you do online, and if you use your Fire TV Stick to access content that is protected by intellectual property rights, you could get in a lot of trouble. At the moment, everyone can see your IP address, which is 2405:201:5809:481d:e9b2:ac15:6801:e93e. I really think you should get the best FireStick VPN to hide your IP address and stream your favorite shows safely.

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Method 1: Use Downloader to put CyberFlix TV on a FireStick.

FireStick Downloader is my favorite FireStick app that I can load from the side. Install Downloader on your Fire TV and then follow these steps to get started:

1. On the FireStick home screen, go to Find > Search.

2. Look for the Downloader app and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

3. Go back to the FireStick’s home screen and click on Settings in the middle of the screen on the far right.

4. In Settings, click My Fire TV from the list of items below.

5. Open Developer Options

6. Click on Install Unknown Apps

7. Now, you have to enable the option for the Downloader app by turning it ON (as you see in the image below).

8. Click the URL field on the right side of the Downloader’s main screen.

9. Type on the on-screen keyboard when the next window pops up.

10. Wait for the Downloader app to connect to the server and download the CyberFlix TV APK to the FireStick. It won’t take more than a few minutes.

11. As soon as the CyberFlix TV APK download is finished, the downloader will start the installation process right away.

12. Wait for CyberFlix TV to install on FireStick. Most of the time, it takes less than a minute.

13. If the message “App Installed” appears on your FireStick screen, it means that CyberFlix TV has been set up.

14. Just click the “Done” button. We’ll start using the app later.

15. You’re back on the Downloader app again. At the next prompt, choose the Delete button and click it.

You are taking off FireStick with the CyberFlix TV APK. No longer needs to be done. The best thing to do is get rid of files that you don’t need.

16. When asked, click “Delete” again.

Great! You used the Downloader app to successfully put CyberFlix TV on FireStick.

Method 2: Use ES File Explorer to put CyberFlix TV on FireStick.

Note: Sideloading apps onto a FireStick with ES File Explorer costs $9.99 per month. I suggest you use Method 1 with the Downloader instead.

ES File Explorer is a great app for managing files, but it can also be used to side-load apps on FireStick and other Android devices. From Amazon, you can get ES File Explorer:

  • On the FireStick home screen, click the lens icon (the search box in the top left corner).
  • Enter “ES File Explorer.”
  • Click on ES File Explorer in the results of your search.
  • Install the app by following the instructions on the screen.

Follow the steps below to use ES File Explorer to install CyberFlix TV:

1. Launch ES File Explorer

2. You’ll see a bunch of icons on the right. Scroll to the bottom and click Downloader.

3. On the next screen, at the bottom, click “Add New.”

4. A small box where you can talk will appear. In the Path field, type In the name field, you can type in any name you want. I’m going to call it “cyber flix.”

When you’re ready, click “Download Now.” (Your ES File Explorer window will look like what you see in the following image.)

5. Wait for the CyberFlix TV APK to be downloaded by ES File Explorer.

6. When you see the following message, click Open File.

7. Click “Install” when asked.

8. Click INSTALL and wait for CyberFlix TV to install on FireStick.

9. When CyberFlix TV is put on a FireStick, the message “App Installed” shows up. To go back to the ES File Explorer app, click “Done.”

You’ve done a good job of putting CyberFix TV on FireStick. If you want to delete the APK, which is a good idea, do the following:

  • Add more choices. Local on the menu on the left
  • Choose the second choice for “Home.”
  • Open the Download folder by going to the right side of the ES File Explorer window and clicking on it.
  • Choose the CyberFlix TV APK file and hold down the FireStick’s Select button for a long time.
  • To get rid of the APK, click the Trash icon at the bottom.

Install MX Player (important!)

The ExoPlayer, a built-in video player, has been taken off of both CyberFlix TV and Terrarium TV. The videos in this app can’t be played without another app. I think MX Player works best with CyberFlix TV, so I recommend it.

Follow the steps below to set up MX Player with the Downloader app:

  • Open Downloader
  • Click the right URL field.
  • Type in this address:
  • Click GO
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

Here’s how to get MX Player if you are using ES File Explorer:

  • Open ES File Explorer
  • Click on the Downloader icon on the right.
  • Click the bottom “+New” button.
  • In the Path field, type
  • In the Name field, type MX Player or any other name you want.
  • Click “Get it now”
  • Choose Open file.
  • Click the “Install” button.
  • Click Install once more.

Before you start streaming with apps like CyberFlix TV, I want to let you know that your ISP and the government will be able to see everything you stream. This means that streaming free movies and TV shows that have copyrights could get you in trouble with the law.

With a VPN, you can hide what you are streaming or looking at online. A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, lets you get around ISP throttling, government surveillance, and content restrictions based on where you live.

How to get to CyberFlix TV on FireStick and use it

It won’t be hard.

You’ve probably noticed that FireStick’s home screen doesn’t show the most recently installed apps. But you can easily get to them from the section called Your Apps & Channels. How to do it:

Press the Home button on your FireStick remote for a long time until the following menu appears. Tap Apps

You can find the CyberFlix TV app at the bottom of the page. Select the app and press the menu button on your remote to move it to the home screen (3 horizontal lines). On the bottom right, the following pop-up menu shows up. Move

Just go to the top row now. Go back to the home screen and open the app from there.

The Changelog window appears the first time you run CyberFlix TV. Select OK. Then, you are asked to pick the default video player. Just click on MX Player.

When you see the disclaimer window, click Accept. CyberFlix TV on FireStick’s main screen shows popular TV shows by default, just like Terrarium TV and Titanium TV.

Click the hamburger menu in the top-left corner. The drop-down menu below is shown. When you click Movies, you’ll see a list of movies. Other options on the drop-down menu include Favorites, TV Calendar, Downloads, and Settings.

By the hamburger menu, there is a small triangle that is turned upside down. Click it to sort the content by a category like “Trending,” “Recently Updated,” “New Shows,” “Premieres,” “Airing Today,” and so on.

You can also look for something specific by using the search box on the right, near the top. There is a second upside-down triangle (bigger than the one on the left). You can sort TV shows by year using this triangle (it is available only for TV Shows and not movies)

Now we have CyberFlix TV on FireStick. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. CyberFlix TV isn’t the best app for entertainment, but it’s pretty good. Since it’s a copy of the now-defunct Terrarium TV, it’s taken all the good parts from that app. I like the app and I believe it is a must-try if you like watching movies and shows on your FireStick.

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