In this guide, I’ll talk about how to install SportsDevil on Kodi for both PC and FireStick.

With the Sports Devil Kodi add-on, you can stream sports from multiple channels in HD quality.

SportsDevil is one of the best Kodi add-ons that work, and it will let you watch Live TV sports from all over the world, including PPV events like UFC, Boxing, and other sports.

Always use a VPN when streaming on Kodi. If you don’t, your ISP could track and watch what you do on the internet. This could lead to trouble.

We suggest using ExpressVPN because it hides your IP address completely while you stream free content on Kodi.

Kodi SportsDevil Repo

SportsDevil is a very popular addon, and you can get it from a lot of different third-party repositories. Here is the repository for the SportsDevil Kodi addon that has been tested and is working. If you don’t know how to add an add-on to Kodi, you can read this.

How to Install SportsDevil on Kodi (Step By Step Guide)

By following the steps below, you can install SportsDevil on Kodi and start watching your favorite sports channels in less than 5 minutes:

1. Start Kodi and go to the Settings page.

2. Choose System from the list

3. Go to Add-ons and turn on “Unknown Sources.”

4. Click “Yes” when prompted by the message.

5. Now, go back one step and click on File Manager in the Settings menu.

6. Click Add Source twice

7. When a box pops up, click None

8. Now, type in the URL field and click OK.

9. Type in the name, such as “Cy4Root Repo,” and then click “OK” to close the box.

10. Go back one step and click on Add-ons in the Settings menu.

11. Choose Install from Zip File

12. A box will pop up where you need to click on Cy4Root Repo.

13. Choose the repository now.

14. Once it’s installed, click on Install from Repository.

15. Look for the Cy4Root Repository and click on it.

16. Now go to Video Add-ons and click on SportsDevil.

17. Click on “Install”

18. Now, click on Cy4Root Repository Version 2019.12.29.

19. Press OK

how to install sportsdevil on firestick

How to Install a VPN on Kodi

Before you start streaming from the SportsDevil Kodi addon, you need to make sure you’re using a secure VPN to keep your ISP from tracking you. ExpressVPN is the VPN that Kodi users are told to use the most. It can be used on 5 devices at the same time.

Here’s how to get ExpressVPN to work with the Kodi media player.

  1. Create an account with ExpressVPN and download its app to your device.
  2. Start the app and enter your credentials to sign in.
  3. You can start streaming videos on Kodi by connecting to the fastest server.
how to install sportsdevil on firestick

Sports Devil Kodi Download (Direct Installation)

SportsDevil is the most popular add-on for Kodi that lets you stream sports events from all over the world. But the platforms that offered the add-on have been down for a while. The cause is still unknown, but there is a way to fix this problem.

At the moment, the best way to use the SportsDevil add-on is to download it directly. Follow these steps to get the SportsDevil add-on for Kodi:

  1. Get the Cy4Root Zip file onto your device.
  2. Click on Add-ons. Click on the icon that looks like a box in the top left corner.
  3. From the menu, choose Install from Zip file. Find where the Zip file you downloaded is on your computer. Select Wait until the zip file is set up.
  4. Click Install from Repository.
  5. Choose the Cy4Root repository. Go to Add-ons > Video. Choose “SportsDevil” Click on Install> Wait until the add-on is set up.

Make sure you have the best working Kodi VPN on your device before you start streaming to keep your streaming safe.

How to Install SportsDevil on Kodi Fire TV Stick

Kodi should be installed on your Fire Stick if you want to watch live sports on it. Here’s how to set up your Fire Stick to run Kodi. Once you have Kodi set up, follow these steps to add the Sports Devil add-on to your Fire Stick:

  • Run Kodi Fire Stick > Click the gear icon, then click Open System. Open Developer Options > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging are found here.
  • Start Kodi, then go to File Manager. Click Add Source twice. Choose None> Type in in the address bar. Tap OK > Identify the source Cy4Root Repository > Select OK.
  • Now, go to the menu called “Add-ons.” Click on the box.
  • Go to Install from a ZIP file > Click on Cy4Root Repo. Click on > Wait until the message appears.
  • Click Install from Repository now.
  • Choose the Cy4Root repository. Open Video Add-ons> Pick SportsDevil from the options. Wait for the add-on to install after you click “Install.”

It is now possible to stream and watch all live sports events using the Kodi Fire Stick add-on. Use the best VPN for Fire Stick when streaming through Kodi to stay smart.

Kodi SportsDevil Not Working / Errors / Fixes

How to Update SportsDevil on Kodi

Go to Home Screen > Addons > Video Addons > Available Updates to see if there are any updates for the addons you have installed.

If there are updates for SportsDevil, Kodi will either update the addon automatically or show the addon’s name. It might take a few minutes for updates to be installed.

Kodi SportsDevil Installation Failed

Users have a lot of trouble getting SportsDevil to work on Kodi and downloading it. Many users have talked about getting an “Installation Failed” error on online forums.

The reason for this is that the repositories that users have been using are either broken or down for maintenance. When you use an add-on from a third party, you always run into problems like this.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to look for a better repository that is up and running and that you can trust. Users who want to get SportsDevil should try Cy4Root Repository. This repository is pretty much up and running.

SportsDevil Web Request Failed Kodi

The “web request failed” error usually doesn’t show up when you try to watch a live stream. Kodi will show this error if it can’t read the script or video format of the stream, which can happen.

The fix for this mistake is very easy. You just have to enable RTMP in Kodi. To fix this mistake, do the following:

  • Go to the menu for “Add-ons.”
  • Open My Add-ons> Open the VideoPlayer InputStream.
  • Click RTMP Input, and then click Enable.

Problem solved!

Sportsdevil Error Check Log

The Check Log error is one of the most annoying problems a user can run into. If you only see this error in Kodi when you’re not using any add-ons, it could be because of a buildup of Cache. But if this error comes up when you try to use an add-on, it means that either the repository is out of date or it is updating.

You can fix this error by first seeing if the repository is being updated. If it doesn’t update, it means that the repository you used to install is no longer useful. Look for a repository that has been updated, and then install the add-on again from the updated repository.

Kodi SportsDevil No Stream Available

When you run into this problem, it means that SportsDevil doesn’t have any live streams available at that time. The best thing to do is just wait, and it will start on its own when a certain sporting event is on.

Kodi SportsDevil Error Script Failed

You might see this error if the add-on you installed didn’t do what it was supposed to do in the right way. The error happens because there is an older version of Kodi or an add-on that is still installed. If the problem still happens, you may need to update your Kodi version or add-on.

SportsDevil Kodi Download is Stuck

When you try to install the SportsDevil add-on for Kodi, you might run into a problem where your download doesn’t move past 0%. Again, this could happen if you downloaded an older version of the addon. If you install SportsDevil on Kodi again, the problem is likely to be fixed.

SportsDevil Review

SportsDevil is a very old addon that you can find in a lot of different places with different links. Some people wouldn’t be able to use all of these links. But if you find a link that works, SportsDevil is a great place for sports fans.

how to install sportsdevil on firestick

Best SportsDevil Channels for Kodi

Once you install the SportsDevil addon, you can choose from a huge number of live sports TV channels to watch your favorite sports, such as Tennis, Football, Hockey, NFL, UFC, Golf, Cricket, and many others, with just one click.

Some of the most popular channels are:

  • Sky Sports
  • BT Sports
  • NFL Network
  • Box Nation
  • BeIN Sports

SportsDevil Alternatives for Kodi

Not working with SportsDevil addon? Here are some alternatives to SportsDevil that you can use to watch sports from around the world.

  • US Sports
  • Rising Tides
  • Sport HD
  • Sports Lounge
  • Torque

SportsDevil Addon for Kodi: FAQs

How Do I Install SportsDevil in 2021?

You can get SportsDevil for your Kodi from a number of repositories, but some of them aren’t working right now. You can add SportsDevil to your Kodi with the help of the Cy4Root Repository. Just look above for how to download and set up SportsDevil on Kodi and FireStick.

Why is SportsDevil Not Working?

There could be more than one reason why. In the section above called “SportsDevil Not Working,” you can find some of the most common errors and how to fix them with the SportsDevil Kodi addon.

Is SportsDevil Legal

Yes, adding SportsDevil is legal. But you can’t trust the places where it gets its information. Some of the websites that host videos have illegal or stolen content that may be someone else’s copyright. So, it’s best to use a safe VPN that hides your IP address and the web content you’re accessing.

How Do I Get SportsDevil on FireStick?

With the method described above in this guide, it’s easy to get SportsDevil on FireStick. Go to “How to Install SportsDevil on Kodi Fire TV Stick” and follow the steps to install SportsDevil on your FireStick device.

To Add Things Up

With the SportsDevil add-on for Kodi, you can watch live sports streams, highlights, and reviews of the most recent match report.

You can watch the most recent game on either your phone or your computer. As we’ve already talked about, some of the streams in this addon are geo-restricted. To get around this, you’ll need to install a VPN on Kodi.

You can try a free VPN service with Kodi and stream smoothly. If you have a problem, please tell us in the comments section below and check out our list of the best Kodi add-ons.

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