The Amazon FireStick is a great little streaming device that gives us access to tens of thousands of hours of content. You can use official apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Peacock from the Amazon App Store without any problems, but a jailbroken FireStick has much more to offer.

You might be wondering what a jailbroken FireStick is and how it is different from a FireStick from Amazon that hasn’t been changed. Don’t worry, you’ve found the right place. In this post, I’ll answer every question you have.

Before you go out and buy a “jailbroken” Fire TV Stick, let’s talk about what that means and if you can turn a regular FireStick into a “jailbroken” one.

What is a Jailbroken FireStick?

A jailbroken Amazon Fire Stick is basically the same as a regular Fire TV Stick, but you can sideload streaming apps like Kodi without any limits.

Don’t let the word “jailbreak” throw you off. Developers use the term “jailbreaking” to mean installing unauthorized software on an iPhone. This is in the context of the iOS operating system. It voids the warranty on the device, and if you try jailbreaking and fail, your iPhone’s operating system might not work.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick doesn’t have anything like that. You don’t have to change code at the system level or install firmware made by someone else. Jailbreaking is just a way to get into and use third-party streaming services on the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You only have to change a few settings to open the floodgates to an endless amount of fun.

Some vendors and online stores use the word “jailbreak” to try to get people to buy FireSticks that have been hacked. Before we talk about how the jailbroken FireStick market usually works, let’s talk about what a jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Stick is and why jailbreaking is becoming more popular.

What Does a Jailbroken FireStick Do?

When the Amazon Fire TV Stick came out in November 2014, Amazon opened the App Store to all kinds of apps, even ones that hadn’t been checked and might not have had licensed content.

What is a Jailbroken FireStick

Later, the internet giant started removing these apps from the App Store and made strict rules so that the App Store would only sell apps with legal content.

That didn’t make people less likely to use Kodi or other third-party streaming services. Users found a way to jailbreak their FireSticks and install them.

Yes, you are correct. If you jailbreak your Fire Stick, you can install third-party streaming apps and services on it to make watching media even better.

Users can sideload apps onto the device that they normally can’t get from the Amazon App Store because of the company’s strict rules and policies.

Since FireStick runs on Fire OS, which is based on Android, you can use verified APKs, which are files for installing Android apps, to get third-party apps from unknown sources. To install third-party streaming apps on FireStick, all you need is an app that can download APKs from the web.

Jailbroken FireStick for Sale — What Do Vendors Do?

You may have seen sellers on eBay or their own websites who say they have jailbroken FireSticks for sale. So, what do they do to the FireStick before they sell it to you? What’s different about these FireSticks from the ones Amazon sells? Let’s look into that more.

Jailbroken FireStick for Sale — What Do Vendors Do

Before selling FireSticks, third-party sellers buy them from Amazon and “jailbreak” them. Then, they install popular third-party streaming apps and Kodi add-ons and sell them to you with the promise that you can watch as much as you want.

In some cases, these vendors install popular IPTV services and advertise that they are giving away thousands of live TV channels, movies, and TV shows for a certain amount of time.

Some vendors also buy subscriptions to IPTV services that are popular. They include the apps and active subscriptions with the Fire TV Stick and say that users can get all of the content for free. Technically, this is true, but you need to find out everything you can about the IPTV services and the account that goes with them.

Users often believe big claims and click “buy” without knowing much about the devices they are buying. Before you do that, you should find out how buying or selling jailbroken FireSticks with the Alexa voice remote affects the law.

Is It Legal to Buy or Sell Jailbroken FireSticks?

Let’s talk about the big elephant in the room: the legal details of selling or buying jailbroken Fire TV Sticks.

It all depends on which apps and services the seller puts on the Fire TV Stick or makes it work with. If a seller only includes official apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Peacock with a Fire TV Stick item, no one will get in trouble.

Is It Legal to Buy or Sell Jailbroken FireSticks

But that’s not why a seller jailbreaks the Fire TV Stick in the first place, right? Anyone can get legal apps from the Amazon Store, so what’s the point of selling a jailbroken Fire Stick with official apps?

As I said before, these sellers include third-party streaming services, Kodi, Kodi addons, and IPTV apps with movies, TV shows, and live channels to get people to buy what they say is free and unlimited entertainment.

They install apps like Kodi or IPTV services like Yeah IPTV or Iconic Streams. Without the right licenses, these streaming apps may offer content that is protected by intellectual property rights. This could get both the seller and buyer of jailbroken devices in trouble.

Keep in mind that downloading and installing Kodi on a Fire TV Stick is perfectly legal. It’s in the Google Play Store, after all, and Google won’t host apps that have illegal content.

Then what’s the problem? The problem starts when you put Kodi add-ons and other software on your Amazon Fire TV Stick that streams TV shows and movies that aren’t free to use.

A local media company in your area may have bought the rights to stream these movies, TV shows, and live TV channels. Using a third-party streaming service or Kodi add-on on your jailbroken Fire Stick to get to this kind of content can get you in trouble with the law.

Millions of dollars are paid by these media companies to get the rights to stream popular sports games, TV shows, and movies. Then, you use your streaming device, in this case, a jailbroken Amazon Fire TV, to get the same content from a cheaper source.

The controversial Digital Economy Bill says that people who break copyrights can get ten years in prison. The bill says that people who use torrents to download or stream illegal movies will be breaking the law. Just last year, people who streamed content through Kodi add-ons got letters from the police telling them they could go to jail.

With all the problems that come with selling or buying a jailbroken FireStick, you may be wondering, Should I buy a jailbroken FireStick with an Alexa voice remote? Let me say more about that.

Should You Buy a Jailbroken FireStick?

As I said before, the word “jailbreak” is overused when it comes to FireStick. Anyone who knows a little bit about technology can jailbreak their own FireStick in a few minutes.

You might not want to jailbreak a FireStick yourself, but there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t buy one that has already been jailbroken.

First, as I just said, jailbreaking a FireStick at home doesn’t require a hack or any technical know-how. Also, jailbreaking a FireStick is legal in every way (however, streaming copyrighted content is not).

Even if you buy a jailbroken FireStick with third-party apps, Kodi addons, and IPTV apps already installed, you will probably need to reinstall them at some point. Developers update these apps often, so you may need to sideload the updated apps onto your Fire TV at some point.

Basically, you will have to use the FireStick or Fire TV’s sideloading process. If you’re going to have to go through that process again, why not jailbreak the FireStick yourself and save some money?

Also, if you know how to jailbreak a Fire TV, you can fix any error that happens when installing an APK or sideloading on the device. You no longer have to depend on a vendor or someone else to help you fix problems with your FireStick.

As we’ve already talked about, vendors add third-party streaming apps and sometimes a subscription to an IPTV service to a jailbroken FireStick to make it more appealing to potential buyers. The problem is that your IPTV subscription will end in a month or two, and you will have to start all over again. This means you won’t be able to watch any of the content and will have to sign up for the IPTV service all over again.

In the past, vendors who sold streaming devices with content that was not theirs to sell were caught by the authorities. Not only do the authorities charge the sellers with crimes, but they also send notices to the people who buy these devices.

When you order something online from a third-party vendor, your address information will be saved in some way. The police who are arresting them might be able to find out your address from the shipping information and then send you a letter telling you that you could go to jail.

If you jailbreak the FireStick yourself, you can avoid all the trouble and headaches and not worry about being looked into in the future. In the meantime, you won’t have to pay extra for a jailbroken device, so you can use the money you saved to sign up for an IPTV service.

How to Jailbreak a FireStick Yourself?

As I’ve said several times in this post, jailbreaking a FireStick at home is very easy. You don’t need to know anything about advanced coding or put any modified firmware on your FireStick.

By going through the jailbreaking process on FireStick, you will also learn how to sideload third-party streaming apps on FireStick.

How to jailbreak a FireStick is explained in a step-by-step guide with pictures. If you follow the simple steps, you can get your Fire TV Stick out of jail in less than 30 minutes.

If you prefer to learn by watching a video, you can watch our video in the same post to learn how to jailbreak FireStick at home. The whole process of getting out of jail is as easy as it can get.

Popular Apps for Jailbroken FireStick

If you followed our guide to jailbreaking a FireStick up above, then you did it! You have shown what the Amazon Fire Stick can really do.

Now, your FireStick is ready to use all the popular third-party streaming apps, like Kodi and IPTV services. But the question is: what are the best apps for a FireStick that has been jailbroken? How do you look for them on the Internet? How do you get these apps on FireStick?

You’ve found the right place, thank goodness. We have a separate post about the best apps for FireStick that have been jailbroken, which you should definitely check out. We chose the best apps, like Cinema HD, Kodi, and dozens more, by hand. We’ve also included guides for installing the apps and Kodi addons.


Are jailbroken FireSticks legal?

You can use a jailbroken Amazon Fire Stick as long as you don’t stream any content that isn’t licensed. I’ll say it again: if you want to avoid trouble in the future, you should use a VPN app like ExpressVPN.

What does a jailbroken Amazon FireStick do?

A jailbroken FireStick lets streaming apps from other companies run on the device. FireStick gives you full access to a huge number of streaming services and IPTV apps.

What channels can you get on a FireStick that has been “jailbroken”?

This question can’t be answered directly. It mostly depends on the third-party streaming services, Kodi addons, and IPTV providers you use. Each addon has its own TV channels, shows, and other content.

How much does it cost to get a FireStick out of jail?

The price of a FireStick that has been “jailbroken” is much higher than the price of a regular FireStick. But, as I said before, there are some problems with buying a FireStick that has been “jailbroken.” You can save money by jailbreaking a FireStick yourself at home, which is better.

Is it legal to buy a FireStick that has been hacked?

You can buy a jailbroken FireStick as long as it doesn’t have any content that is protected by intellectual property rights. Most jailbroken FireSticks do have apps with this kind of illegal content, so it’s best not to buy jailbroken devices.

Is it worth it to break into a FireStick?

In a single word, yes. It lets you put any kind of streaming service from a third party on the device. You are using the FireStick to its fullest here.

What can you watch on a FireStick that has been hacked?

Most of the time, it depends on the streaming apps or IPTV services you use on your Fire TV Stick. Hundreds of live TV channels, movies, and TV shows can be found on these apps.

Is Netflix free on a FireStick that has been hacked?

You can’t get a free Netflix account on a FireStick that has been “jailbroken.” But you can add an IPTV provider or a Kodi add-on that gives you access to thousands of shows and a lot of other content.

What channels are free on a FireStick that has been “jailbroken”?

By jailbreaking the FireStick, you won’t get any free channels. You only unlock the FireStick so that you can put streaming apps on it. The apps you sideload onto your Fire TV Stick determine which channels you can watch.

Where can I buy a FireStick that has been hacked?

You can get a FireStick that has been fully jailbroken from eBay. But, as I said before, you don’t have to buy a jailbroken FireStick from a shady seller. You don’t even have to get out of bed to jailbreak your FireStick.

Does Best Buy sell jailbroken FireSticks?

No, Best Buy doesn’t sell jailbroken FireSticks. As a well-known store, it’s in Best Buy’s best interest not to sell fully loaded FireSticks, since some of them come with content that isn’t licensed.

Wrapping Up

So there you go. This is the end of our post about everything you need to know about FireSticks that have been jailbroken. I hope I have shown you that it is easy to make a jailbroken FireStick at home. Read our guide on how to jailbreak the FireStick and then you can start watching as much as you want on it.

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